Written by Kaitlyn McClanahan   
Monday, 02 December 2013 10:43

            The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is in custody of two individuals charged with the theft of a cattle trailer and 21 cows from a farm on Gilchrist Road in Cypress Inn on October 26, 2013.

            According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Kyle Jones, 21, and Darrell “Spanky” Paulk, both of Lauderdale County, AL, were part of a group that drove to the farm of Doug Gilchrist and hooked up a cattle trailer, valued at $7,000, to their truck. They drove the truck into one of Gilchrist’s fields, where they loaded it with 21 cows, valued at a total of $23,000. The group then headed to the Giles County/Marshall County line where they reportedly sold the cows before leaving the trailer in a parking lot at King’s Firearms in Pulaski, TN.

            The ensuing investigation involved authorities from Giles County, Lauderdale County and the Alabama Agricultural and Rural Crime Unit. Video surveillance footage from King’s Firearms was used to place Jones and Paulk in possession of the trailer and an abundance of tips from the public have assisted the investigation.

            Jones was already in custody at the Wayne County Jail on unrelated charges, following a motorcycle chase from Alabama into Wayne County that resulted in a wreck and his arrest by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Paulk is also facing similar cattle theft charges in Alabama, and turned himself into the Sheriff’s Office after WANTED posters were displayed throughout the area bearing his photo. The two individuals are major players in a ring of cattle thefts in the south part of Wayne County and in Lauderdale County. Bonds for Jones and Paulk were set at $200,000 each.

            “Cattle theft is taken very seriously in this county and we have worked very hard on this case to identify these people,” said Wayne County Sheriff Ric Wilson. “You’re dealing with people’s livelihood and a theft like this could put someone in this county out of business.”

            This investigation is still ongoing and additional arrests are expected, as there between one and three more suspects.