Operation Glacier

Today, Wednesday, November 11, 2015, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of serving 37 drug indictments to 25 people in the Wayne County area. This operation has been in the works for approximately 1 year, and we are excited to get it done. Below is a list with our most recent photos of each individual. If you know the location or have any information on any of these people, you are encouraged to call Crime Fighters at 931-722-2300 or Dispatch at 931-722-3614. If, you want to see if someone is currently confined in the Wayne County Jail, you may also visit this link http://www.waynetnso.com/ and select "inmate search".

William Pope (In Custody)
Jessica Groves (In Custody)
Anthony Davis (In Custody)
Matthew Andrews (In Custody)
Melinda Andrews (In Custody)
Wayne Cole (In Custody)
Steve Sturgeon (In Custody)
Bonnie Devers
Byron McDow (In Custody)
Kenny Riojas (In Custody)
Thomas Todd (In Custody)
Jodie Cox
Brent Jones (In Custody)
Bridgett Hughes (In Custody)
Glen Brewer (In Custody)
Alicia Kilpatrick (In Custody)
Paul Henry Robinson (In Custody)
Melissa Broome (In Custody)
Shaundra Brewer (In Custody)
Corey Rochell (In Custody)
David Stults (In Custody)
Kenny Wick (In Custody)
Steven Brown (In Custody)
Eric Hicks
Justin Atkins (In Custody)