Wayne County News Reports: 

      On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Deputy Dusty Malugen made a traffic stop at Quick Mart Gas Station in Waynesboro.  Deputy Tyler Mckenzie arrived as back up and Deputy Malugen had William Earl Pope, 63 of Waynesboro out of the vehicle and stated he had found a bottle of pills in his left front pocket containing 3 Hydrocodone pills which were prescription prescribed to Mr. Pope and 5 morphine pills.  Deputy Mckenzie gave Mr. Pope 4 field sobriety tests and he performed poorly on 3 of them.  Mr. Pope was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of a schedule II controlled substance, and he consented to a blood test.   He was transported to Wayne County Medical Center to give a blood sample and then to Wayne County Jail where he was booked in on a $52,500.00 bond.


     On Saturday, October 25, Deputy Jim Green made a traffic stop on a vehicle having a passenger side tail light out.  When he approached the vehicle he noticed a strong smell of alcohol.  He asked the driver and the two passengers for identification and found there was a bench warrant out from Lauderdale County Alabama on James Gregory Harrison, 54, of Iron City, the passenger in the front seat.  Deputy Green asked Mr. Harrison to step out of the vehicle and walk to the rear of the car.  Sergeant Walter Smith saw 3 baggies containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana lying beside the vehicle where Mr. Harrison exited.  There were also particles of the green leafy substance on the front passenger seat.  In total, there was about 30 grams of product.  Mr. Harrison was arrested and taken to Wayne County Jail where he was found to have a partial marijuana cigarette in the rim of his hat and rolling papers in his left shirt pocket.  He was charged with felony possession of a schedule VI drug and possession of paraphernalia. He was booked into Wayne County Jail on a $20,000.00 bond.