We have been receiving many calls and Facebook messages regarding the event called “Nashville Bike Week”. It is said to be held at American Rebel Mud Park, here in Wayne County Tennessee. To our knowledge, there has not been any meetings between local officials and the people at Nashville Bike Week. We are trying to contact them and at this point we are looking into this event and are aware of some allegations that have been made.

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    William Carey Musselwhite, age 43, of Waynesboro was arrested on Tuesday, September 27th on charges of possession with intent to deliver or sell schedule VI drugs, possession with intent to deliver or sell schedule II drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to the arrest report, Tennessee Department of Probation and Parole officers went to Musselwhite’s residence at 305 Pea Ridge Road in Waynesboro looking for a parolee who they thought might be at the residence. While officers were searching the home, they discovered a small black case under Musselwhite’s mattress that contained eighteen pills, a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana, a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine, and a set of digital scales. Musselwhite was arrested and booked into the Wayne County Jail on $30,000.00 bond.




    Phillip Michael Beaulac, age 40, of Waynesboro was arrested on Wednesday, September 28th on charges of domestic assault and aggravated domestic assault. According to the report filed by Investigator Dusty Malugen of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Beaulac’s wife Rebekah gave a statement to officers alleging that Beaulac had assaulted her earlier on September 27th by placing a hot oven mitt on her hand; throwing a plastic bin at her, hitting her in the head and neck; and wrapping his hand around her neck and chin. Investigator Malugen also took a statement from a minor child in the home stating that Beaulac, the child’s stepfather, had grabbed her by the face several times over the past year, and once slapped her in the face so hard that her face went numb. Beaulac was arrested and booked into the Wayne County Jail on $150,000.00 bond.




     Curtus Wayne Kiddy, age 31, of Waynesboro was arrested on Wednesday, September 28th and charged with stalking. The arrest report, filed by Officer Scot Manley of the Waynesboro Police Department, states that Makenzie Wallace reported to police that Kiddy has continually harassed her by coming to her workplace repeatedly and attempting to get close to her. She told police that Kiddy was actually asked to leave by management at one point when he was discovered standing behind a cart, hidden from Wallace’s view, observing her for several minutes. Wallace stated that Kiddy has caused her extreme fear and intimidation by his stalking behavior. Kiddy was booked into the Wayne County Jail on $100,000.00 bond.




     Isaac Junius Brown, age 59, of Collinwood was arrested on Friday, September 30th on a charge of aggravated domestic assault. According to the arrest report filed by Sergeant Seth Norris of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, officers were dispatched to a home at 1717 Collinwood Highway where they were met by Brown’s wife, Lisa Burton. Burton gave police a statement alleging that Brown had assaulted her several times over the preceding two days, at one point choking her until she passed out. Officers discovered property damage inside the home including a broken bedroom window and a hole in the sheetrock wall. Brown was arrested and booked into the Wayne County Jail on $50,000.00 bond.










     Blake Lee Barkley, age 19, of Lutts was arrested on Tuesday, October 4th on two counts of possession of stolen property over $1,000, a class D felony.


     Investigator Matt Retherford of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office filed a report stating that on Tuesday, October 4th Barkley led investigators from the Sheriff’s Office to a stolen motorcycle that he had hidden in a wooded area off Chisholm Road. The motorcycle belonged to Mitchell Haddock, and was reported stolen on Monday, September 26th.


     On Wednesday, October 5th Barkley allegedly admitted in a statement to the Sheriff’s Office that on Monday, October 3rd he was riding a stolen Honda Rancher four-wheeler and was involved in a pursuit with deputies. The four-wheeler, which was owned by Tylan Stults, was reported stolen on Saturday, October 1st.


     Barkley was arrested and booked into the Wayne County Jail on $50,000.00 bond.








      A special investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office in conjunction with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has resulted in indictments along with theft and forgery charges against former Wayne County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) Chief Deputy Gerald Baer. The investigation revealed that Baer used two schemes to steal at least $7,700 dollars from the sheriff’s office.


      The Wayne County Grand Jury returned indictments against Baer on Thursday, September 29th after hearing evidence collected during the investigation. The investigation revealed that Baer stole at least $3,440 by taking cash from WCSO’s confidential drug funds. Baer was able to take the money by using white-out, adding signatures, and copying thumbprints on documents that he was required to submit when recording transactions from the fund used to pay confidential drug informants. More than 100 documents were allegedly fabricated or altered by Baer.  


     Additionally, investigators determined that Baer used a WCSO fuel card to make unauthorized gasoline purchases totaling at least $4,283. Some of this gas was purchased in Florida during a trip with his family to Walt Disney World. Furthermore, Baer, who formerly served as a Waynesboro City Commissioner, made fuel purchases with the sheriff’s office card while traveling on city business. He was then reimbursed by the city for the related mileage.


     Baer admitted to investigators after questioning that he used the fuel card for his personal benefit and took money from the confidential drug funds. He stated that he was “financially stressed” and used the money to pay his everyday living expenses. Gerald Baer resigned from the WCSO after speaking with Comptroller investigators on May 18th, 2016.  


     Baer was indicted by the Wayne County Grand Jury on two counts of theft over $1,000, 111 counts of forgery, and one count of official misconduct. He turned himself in to TBI Agents and was booked into the Wayne County Jail on Friday, September 30th. He was released on $75,000.00 bond.


     “Problems like these can be avoided with improved oversight and documentation,” said Comptroller Justin P. Wilson. “For example, one person should not be left alone to oversee the full administration of confidential drug funds. The risk of fraud is great. I am pleased to see the Sheriff indicate that he is correcting these problems.”


      To view the results of the special investigation online, go to http://www.comptroller.tn.gov/ia/.






     Three individuals from different parts of the state were arrested within the last week for the introduction of contraband into a penal facility, the CCA prison facility in Clifton.


     On Thursday, September 29th, Steven Earl Taylor, age 26, of Winchester, TN was arrested after attempting to smuggle several contraband items into the prison. The arrest report states that Taylor stood at the fence surrounding the prison and left items including cell phones, tobacco, marijuana, and methamphetamine in the woods near the fence. Police were able to recover all the items hidden by Taylor. He was charged with introduction of contraband into a penal facility and booked into the Wayne County Jail on $100,000.00 bond.




     Chantia Lynnette Lockett, age 27, of Nashville, TN was arrested on Friday, September 30th on a charge of introduction of contraband into a penal facility. Her arrest report states that Lockett was captured on video surveillance smuggling marijuana, which is a schedule VI drug, into a visitation area at CCA. She was booked into the Wayne County Jail with no bond.




     Patricia McCullough, age 60, of Lexington, TN was arrested on Sunday, October 2nd. According to the arrest report, McCullough smuggled a package containing over one ounce of methamphetamine into the visitation gallery at CCA, and hand-delivered the drugs to her son, an inmate at the prison. She was charged with possession of schedule II drugs with intent to deliver and introduction of contraband into a penal facility, and booked into the Wayne County Jail on $125,000.00 bond.    




From Wayne County News


Family members and friends of inmates at the Wayne County Jail can now speak with their loved ones through a computer or Android device, without having to come to the jail.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has installed a remote video visitation system that allows anyone to communicate with an inmate from any computer or Android device, that has a high-speed internet connection.

Visitors have always communicated with inmates through a video system in the lobby of the Sheriff...’s Office. Visiting from home will allow for families who live far away or just cannot make it to the jail ample opportunity to visit when they can. It will also decrease wait times and add about 54 hours of additional visitation time.

"I feel one of the best features is families no longer need to bring their children to the jail for a visit. They can stay where the kids feel safe and at home. When an inmate comes to jail it also hurts his/her family children and spouse. They no longer get to see them." – Clayton (IT Manager)

The system cost $23,000.00 to install and will be paid from insurance money received due to lightning damage of our old system.

iWebVisit.com, The company we selected for this system came highly recommended for their excellence in customer service and so far they are doing great.

iWebVisit.com charges each 15-minute remote visit $6 for friends and family and each inmate is allowed 1 hour per day between 8am -10pm seven days a week. An inmate is also allowed 1 – 60 minute free onsite visit per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.

Feel free to go to http://www.iwebvisit.com/app/membership_signin.php… to set up our remote visit or call 931-722-3615 option 0 to schedule and onsite visit.

Thank you!

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at approximately 1:00 pm, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at South Gate Deli, located at 3466 Chisolm Rd, Iron City TN, 38463. The Sheriff’s Office seized approximately $6000.00 believed to have been profits from drug paraphernalia, Approximately 1,000 pipes, 1 stolen .32 handgun, and 1 illegal gambling machine. One arrest was made and the subject is currently being booked into the Wayne County Jail, Awaiting further charges after presentment to Wayne County Grand Jury